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How to prepare in case of flooding

Using these tips youll be ready when the water starts to rise.

Using these tips youll be ready when the water starts to rise. Before the flood comes, call your local fire station to determine the degree of risk. With them must keep first aid, battery, radio, medicines, clothes for rain (liner), rubber boots, warm clothing, sleeping bags, food for several days, water, and only what you remember and that you used protection. Make evacuation plans. Make sure everyone knows where to go in an emergency. Make a list of places to go and give each family a list and phone numbers (the ones you think are important). Check with your insurance agent whether your home is insured against flooding. Consult a professional agent when making an insurance policy at home. To minimize damage, raise the height of furniture, electrical appliances and the like during the flood, if you suspect that the flooding could go secure a full tank in the car, because youll soon be able to escape when the flood came. Constantly keep alight radio or television to stay up to date with the situation and take all warnings seriously, and notices. Evacuate to a higher altitude as soon as possible. Follow the plan youve made in the event of flooding, and avoid the water ways. Do not drive through standing water and if youre stuck with a car in the water get out of the same. Looking high and dry places and make sure youre there as soon as possible.

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